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Lead Generation Is Our Thing....

We're pretty good at it too. In fact, our agency guarantees our results. But our Lead Generation doesn't work for all companies, so let's find out if it will work for you. ... 
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We Specialize in One Thing... That’s Lead generation.  

We are not your typical digital marketing agency. We are completely different and here’s why.  
If we agree on 30 leads and I only bring you 29, you get a complete refund and obviously get to keep the 29 leads. 
Your not locked into anything you don't want to be apart of. If you don't want to work with us, you can cancel at anytime no questions asked.  We prefer this method so everyone stays happy.  
We don’t just bring you any lead.
We bring you your ideal targeted client.
If you want a 32 year old Sally Mae of Twin Creeks.
We will bring you 30-32 year old Sally Mae of Twin Creeks.  
 See How Clear Smiles was to run a highly targeted lead generation campaign, that resulted in a 4.6X increase in leads.

"For the Clear Smiles campaign, Lead ads played an important role in creating more leads and ultimately more appointments.

It’s been exciting to gain an effective means to generate positive results."
We Handle Pretty Much Everything.

We have a unique understanding of how to advertise and find the right client at the right time. Not only do we create ads that convert, we also build, run, optimise and scale advertising campaigns, tracking and testing everything as we go. So we get to see it from both sides.

It's part art, part science. But we always let the science guide the art. When push comes to shove, we are really only interested in one thing - getting you new clients at a profit. As David Ogilvy, the godfather of advertising, once said, 

"If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative."

We research, script, edit & publish ads for you. We build, optimise and scale campaigns for you. Unlike other lead generation agencies, we do all of this and more with guaranteed results. You only pay for the number of leads you order. 

Our goal is to full up your appointment book and if we fall short we will give you your money back. You only pay for results.

We take all the risk.


Because it means we're in it together. You're not paying for an allocated slot of our time, nor a percentage of how much ad spend we can put on your credit card. Instead we're a team, working together to drive the very best results.

How We Work

Our Lead Generation Strategies will not work for every business. Like all forms of advertising it's about getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. 

If you don't have a good message, product or service, it's not going to work either. So we'll like to have a discovery session so you can simply answer a few questions and we'll be able to tell you if our lead generation will work for you or not, and why.


If you've been through the discovery session and it's clear that we can likely to work for you, then the next step is to apply to join us as an Agency client. 

This consists of a 2 step process. 

First, we ask you to fill in a questionnaire that helps us understand more about you and your company. 

Second, you'll schedule a 1-to-1 call with the team to discuss your application and next steps. If there is a good fit, we'll work out how we can begin working together!


This is a fairly simple process really. It's where we build all the accounts, make sure everything is linked up correctly, pixels are in place and we're promoting your offers in a way that allows you to see exactly how well we perform in terms of traffic, leads, clients and scheduled appointments for you. 

We've made this whole process as simple as possible and we take care of nearly everything (this means you don't have to be some technical whizz kid - we'll handle all the complicated stuff!) . All you have to do is follow up with schedules appointments.

Ad Creation

As soon as we decide to work together, our creative team will start digging into your website and offer to not only get a feel for your brand and voice, but also to find the best way to pitch your products and/or services. 

Our priority is to create ads that will convert into clients and in order to do this, we use our "Education" process. Sure, if we can add some creative flair then great, but the focus is ROI & profit from ad spend.

Build, Optimise & Scale Process
As soon as you've got your ad back and given it your approval, we'll begin the promotion. Now, let me be clear - In order to really scale up and find all the different avenues for driving quality clients to schedule appointments.

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